Who is a celebrity?

Celebrity is a person who gets lots of attention from people and well known publically. Usually, a person becomes a celebrity who is acting in movies, televisions, singers, and sportspersons. If some person is famous in an area of entertainment, music, sports, films, writing, televisions, dance then they become celebrities. We can say the celebrity is a famous and well-publicized person.

Actors who work in movies and television programs and shows, singers who perform on stage, television programs and for movies songs, Politicians who maintain a high rank in politics, speakers, storytellers, news reporters, television show host, Radio jockeys,  sometimes peoples like a monk and saintly women’s who achieved fame for social work and there other works, sacrifices, coordination for society.

A person who gets a lot of attention for being on television and well known by people. These types of persons are often guests and hosts of television programs such as talk shows, comedy shows, award functions, dance shows.

The person may become a celebrity in several ways, from their professions, by accident or following appearance in media.



How celebrities promote themselves?

For example- A musician launches his new album.


1 create awareness of album:

Use your social media, blogs, and newsletters for creating awareness of launching an album.

Keep posting on the recording process while recording. Share rough videos and pictures from studios. Share your album information through video.


2 Promotion of releasing.

Before posting your video online, you have to promote releasing date, posters, song title, artist name by using channels like websites, blogs, social profiles.


3 launch video:

Do not use low budget animations, actors, and slideshows. Remember that your promotion quality may affect on your new launches.


4 let the press know.

Aware the press about your new album launch. Send emails about new launch and share links for more reach.


What do we do for celebrities?



 1. campaign management:

We set the campaign goals first and ensure that our work is as effective as possible. Social media strategies are a summary of what you plan to do and what you hope to achieve on a social media platform. We improve your brand awareness through social media posting on a different platform.


 2. social media handling

There are 2 to 3 billion peoples are active every month on Facebook and 1 to 2 billion on Instagram.

We apply the best strategies to reach more people for brand awareness and conversion, and try to connect with the audience through follow, comments and likes.


 3. event promotions

Whenever we mention event we follow the best hashtags for more reach. We promote the event through a blog post and try to get more reach through SEO.


 4. marketing consultants.

We put the best strategies to enhance your business. We identify new opportunities to engage with new and existing clients.


 5. creatives and video assistance:

we focus on video promotions through creative videos.


 6. content creation:

we create engaging and impressive contact for engaging customers.

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Categories of celebrities:  

  1. Actors
  2. Cricketers
  3. Scientist
  4. Anchors
  5. News reporters
  6. Comedians
  7. Models
  8. Singers
  9. Tattoo artist
  10. Musician
  11. Producer
  12. Director
  13. Dancer
  14. Radio jockey
  15. Bodybuilder
  16. Stuntman
  17. Traveler
  18. Boxers
  19. Wrestlers
  20. Designers
  21. Sportspeople
  22. Swimmers
  23. Footballers
  24. Mountain climbers
  25. Runners
  1. Bikers
  2. You-tuber’s
  3. Writers
  4. Choreographers
  5. Storyteller
  6. Magician
  7. Businessman
  8. Rock-stars
  9. Artists
  10. Hosts
  11. Painters
  12. Photographers
  13. Hairstylist
  14. Inventers
  15. Chefs
  16. D. j.
  17. Motivational speakers
  18. Leaders
  19. Politician
  20. Entrepreneurs
  21. Fighters
  22. Pilots
  23. Para- drivers
  24. Scuba-drivers

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