We deliver Big ideas on small screens


We provide a solid backbone of ever-evolving business technology services and solutions with our innovative Progress Offers at the heart of it.


real-time data collection helps to visualize it on graphical dashboards to give users an easy and direct view of how the business is running.

We are best in Crafting sleek, flawless websites. Offering an array of traditional and responsive website design, we’re here to make your little corner of the Internet shine.

One of the World’s quick growing companies to offer top quality Development in budget and provides high ROI.

What makes Icon Computers different from other software companies?

Icon Computers is not the typical  software company. Icon Computers has developed all software entirely in-house with no third-party software development or add-ons. From providing application source code with every Enterprise  sale, to our long-term business and technology development focus, Icon Computers is truly unique in the software industry.

With all consolidations in software industry, is Icon Computers is a viable company?

Icon Computers has a history characterized by long-term growth and profitability. Icon Computers has never been bought, sold, or acquired. With one of the highest gross revenue per employee ratios of any company in the software industry, icon computers has a history characterized by sustained business growth and profitability.

Do we provide post-development maintenance?

Yes, we have a tendency to do support all software system. We design and deliver on the idea of a separate maintenance contracts. This usually includes bug-tracking and fixing. Feature enhancements or new release and developments are handled as separate contracts. We have a tendency to track all post maintenance requests in our Issue hunter application. We additionally do support and maintain for software system developed by different vendors.

The Process

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Icon delivers custom software package solutions within your budget with superior quality, Timely delivery of services ensured by a large accessibility of knowledgeable talent pool, versatile laws and effective business supports.

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