survey amico

Survey Amico

Project Organizer For Survey Industries

Project management has become a basic manner for organizations to optimize processes, guaranteeing that they provide the very best level of potency and effectiveness whereas completing projects throughout the corporate. Survey Amico can be one among the foremost useful tools for companies who are working on CAD files  it assists project managers to deliver results quickly and more precise.

Icon Computers Survey Amico a Project Management ERP has following features:-

  • H.R. management,Project report generation,Employee Management, performance management, payroll, Inward-outward tracking and time and labour tracking.
  • Functionality for administering advantages, managing compensation, Evaluating Project cost,handling remuneration taxes, Keep a real-time check on project expenses, recruiting new staff, allocating and tracking instruments and designing manpower needs.
  • Some conjointly include self-service tools for managers and staff.


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