The scope of the project enclosed with planning and automating the client’s Quotation Management software (i-QMS). I-QMS aimed to boost client’s business efficiencies in making and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintaining rates, prices and shipping data and providing increased options. The Quotation Management system offers nice flexibility and is a perfect tool for those trying to boost quotations for purchasers, or manage quotations received from Suppliers/Contractors.

I-QMS is developed and maintained by icon-computers Nagpur. I-QMS enable user to add unlimited clients, products or services and prices. Drawing from a central list of normal things, choices are provided for quickly and accurately build quotations and issue them direct to purchasers via email.




  • An interactive and user friendly web interface to support quotation generation and management.
  • Seamless integration with different applications for quicker data sharing and process.
  • Search facility to search existing quotes supporting opportunities, prospect / services or the other information provided into the quote.
  • Capabilities to handle charge and shipping data among the application.
  • Generation of multiple quotes for a customer for single interface.
  • Ability to include generated quotes as email attachments and pdf.
  • Exporting quotes to various supported formats.
  • Tracking quotes, ratios and flexible to raise revised quotes.
  • Reporting feature capable of generating advanced reports.


  • Web based I-QMS automated quote management process helped the client leverage maximum performance.
  • Advanced news options enable consumer to forecast business projection and verify the success ratio for quotations.
  • Reduction of supply work time from days to minutes.
  • Provides consistency and accuracy throughout to provide generation cycles.
  • Promotes economical operations by focusing on specific inputs and outputs.
  • Reduction of selling costs by embedding provides rules and expertise.
  • Optimizes offers to reduce customer price or maximize margins.


  • Automation of data uploads from customer requests.
  • Validate, normalize, and forecast usage.
  • Manage profiles and templates.
  • Generate offers quickly.
  • Manage the entire offer process from request receipt through client decision.
  • Applicable to multiple energy markets.
  • Increases profitability through improved pricing accuracy.


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